Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Come on lazy days of summer!

How is everyone doing? Things are going well here...moving right along as always! Let me catch you up...

~I finished my first semester of teaching classes for my license and did well with an "A" and an "A+" I'm off for the summer and will return for another two classes in August.

~I had been training for a half marathon which I completed on Sunday @ 2:40:40. While I am very glad I did it, I am also glad it is over with. The last few weeks of hard training meant more evening time away from Autumn & the hubby. I'm glad we have our evenings back.

~Autumn is now 15 months! At her checkup she was 31in (2 inches in 3 months!) so she's pretty tall. No one us surprised by this. She's also 22.4lbs, which means she gained exactly 2 pounds in 3 months. She received a few shots. We'll return at 18 months for a regular checkup and to get the MMR vaccine.

~I will officially call my daughter a walker - FINALLY! She took her first steps several months ago, although the exact date I couldn't tell you. (Does that make me a bad mom?) It just kinda happened. But she never wanted to walk. She didn't "keep it up." I called it laziness...because she knew how to, but she didn't have the "want to." And while she's continued to practice and cruise furniture, only in the past few days has she actually started walking consistently around the house, from furniture to people, standing up in the middle of the room and walking to where she wants to be, etc. This makes us very happy! And she seems to realize that she can get where she wants to a little more comfortably without skinning her knees!

~She dislikes her diaper getting changed and often fights me. Brat.

~She MUST have a person's undivided attention in the car or she proceeds to YELL. I don't mean scream, or cry, I mean just YELL...ramble on at the top of her voice for no particular need other than for you to turn around and say, "What can I do for you?" It's rather annoying sometimes and has given me a headache. While I love she's learning to use her voice, THIS is not what I expected nor hoped for.

~I will have to write a separate post about the day I wanted to start potty training her...that was awful!

~She says: Fish ("ish"), Dad ("Da"), Mom ("mamamamamamamamama" and ONLY when she wants something), Dog ("woof"), Cat ("meow"), Elise ("eese"), and SH! ("shhhhhh") and she's getting better at saying Ball, Duck, Clock (you can imagine how that one comes out! lol) and a few others

~She sign languages for "more" and "please" all the time now!

~This weekend we're headed to the beach. Although we did take her out last summer, this will be her first real weekend at the beach where she will be exploring the sand and water with knowledge of what it all is. We're very excited. Note to self: still need to buy that sunscreen!

~She has 10 teeth...4 top front, 3 bottom front, 1 top molar right side, 1 bottom molar right side, and 1 top molar left side. I think the next one is a bottom molar on the left side. Canines no where in sight.

~Our summer schedule is very open and I'm hoping to fill it with lots of fun things to do in town and awesome playdates. After August I still don't know what I'm doing for work, so it's all very open and I'm learning to accept this and just not stress about it. Grandpa may come down from NJ in July to visit and we'll be very excited to see him!

Like I said, overall, we're just moving right along. We spend time with friends as much as possible. Work is going well for Shawn and myself, so we're enjoying an extra night out or two at dinner - which she LOVES because she can socialize very loudly with random strangers who think her simply adorable. We seem to be spending time with family a lot, too, which I love. I love how she's spending time with her cousins. Our door should be a revolving one with all the ins and outs of this house. Hope everyone else is doing well! Again, as always, I apologize for not blogging enough!