Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Two days in a row! WOOT! Real quick though b/c I'm supposed to be getting ready for class!

1 - that between the hours of 12-2am I am so dead to the world that I didn't hear my husband come home last night - giving me almost 7 hours of sweet slumber before Autumn woke up to nurse!

2 - that there are only 4 days left of actual classes to attend!!!!

3 - for all the struggles. Lord knows it's made me a much more powerful, outspoken woman because I know what I have overcome and I know when I can face a challenge, but I also know I can speak out and say THAT ISNT RIGHT!

4 - coffee. i need it this morning.

5 - the hubby. he has been doing a lot around the house to help me. including putting up Autumn's bookshelf (provided by the bff!) I am very excited about this, it looks cute! I should probably go get dressed;o)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

9 months!

On Tuesday Autumn was 9 months old! In 3 more months she'll be a year. YIKES! There's this weird feeling like yesterday she was just born because I can remember every little detail and time just can't fly by so fast, but also that other sense that she's always been here. I can't remember what our home was like without toys scattered across the living room floor, a mini pink bathtub taking up some of our bathroom floor, and cloth diaper laundry to be done. Really. She's just plopped into our lives so easily that it's hard to imagine life without her, or even before her!

On Wednesday we went for her checkup. Shawn is still concerned about giving her a flu shot, and since I'm not pushed either way until I start to see a rise in flu cases around us, I put it off for now. She did receive the polio vaccine and the child did not cry, flinch or anything! Tough baby! The doctor said her motor skills are developing just as they should be. Her weight was only 17.8lbs. It's a little above 25%, but not back up to her "pre-6 month normal" of 50%. He didn't care. This was a huge relief to me since I was concerned he'd tell me that I was starving my child or something. In truth, Daddy and I are both tall and skinny and so that's likely what's in store for Autumn. By 12 months he said he doubts she'll even be 20 lbs, he's guessing more like 19. 1.2 lbs in 3 months?! I can handle that! Especially when Autumn LOVES food and she seems to be trying new things everyday day. Want to know what she's eating? It's a fun list!

Beside baby food mixed with cereal we've started some "real" solids:

- baby snacks like puffs, wagon wheels and biter biscuits
- yogurt
- bananas
- goldfish
- green beans
- mashed potatoes
- applesauce
- pizza crust (an EXCELLENT teething food)
- bread (like warm rolls minus the crunchy crust)
- spaghetti (this was last night when I was eating and she looked at me in a way I felt so guilty so I had to share)

I think that's it, but there might be some more. I plan on doing grocery shopping today and finding more exciting things to get her. With all this table food, on top of her regular meals, she should have no problem putting an extra pound on that cute baby butt!

What else is she doing?

Crawling...EVERYWHERE! She doesn't like being in a room alone, so she's learned to follow us around the house. I find this very cool! There isn't too much on our floors she shouldn't get into (unless of course I forget to vaccum for a day or two and dog hair is everywhere!), so I like that she is being mobile and learning to get around without me having to pick her up and carry her everywhere. It's teaching her some independence and letting me contiune getting things done when necessary. She pulls herself up, especially when she wants a piece of paper from the couch! Oh yes, paper, plastic, wires, shoes and socks are her favorite things - don't bother with toys for Christmas, just provide tissue paper and boxes - thanks!

Her small motor skills are amazing. While she is not clapping yet, she can pick up two small balls about the size of her hands, and continuously put them together in a fast motion. It's just about the same requirements for clapping and I find this fascinating. She loved to twist and turn her's cute. She will give kisses with a big open mouth and snuggle into your neck for hugs. She is starting to understand "No!" by the tone of my voice and she will hear it, sit on her bottom and look at me. Then grin. The brat!

She does NOT sleep through the night. She is getting much better at crying herself back to sleep, but at least once a night I still have to nurse her. Her naps are getting better and becoming routine.

She babbles a lot - mamamama, dadadadadada, and she does this funny hum/squeak that always sounds like "HM? What? Really?!" If you do it back and forth with her it gets more high pitch and it's very cute!

No teeth, but the teething continues. Some weeks are bad, some weeks are better. I'm in no rush for her to be biting on my boobs, so it's all good!

I still breastfeed. YAY! I'm very excited to think that her and I will make it to at least a year:o)

~So that's about it. I can't update often due to the busy schedule with school, the craziness of holidays coming up, the insane amount of housework I have, and the time I need to spend with my family and myself! I am hoping updates will come faster after December. I miss blogging and my bloggers! Hope all is well with all of you:o)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not so Wordless Wednesday:oP

(For those of you who saw my 101 blog...I promised pictures of pumpkin picking, so here they are!!!!)