Thursday, October 21, 2010

For Sara...

You think children are demanding! Just wait til you have followers on your blog...they'll REALLY keep you on your toes. But, Sara is right...I promised pictures and never got to them. I did do the 8 month photos finally, but they're not uploaded to the computer. Maybe this weekend now that I have the midterm over and done with. Until then, here are some photos that I don't believe you've seen yet...

Thankful Thursday!

~I am first and foremost thankful that this HELL of a week is over which included a Russian history midterm that SUCKED DONKEY BALLS!

~My bff...more so than usual;o) She was not only super encouraging this week and my outlet to vent, but she came to my house to watch Autumn today so I had extra time to study and get ready without having to worry about packing Autumn up to go to her house. Also, she did some house chores for me to ease some of my burden. I heart her lots! I'm not exactly sure what I did to deserve such a best friend, but I am so thankfully blessed!

~Cool weather. Love the mornings and evenings right now!!! The afternoons are still too warm for my liking, but that will be coming to an end soon. I'm thinking we'll have a bonfire this weekend.

~That my little brother is home from Afghanistan and coming to visit his nieces for the FIRST time this weekend! Autumn's Uncle Tommy and his wife Katie are coming to visit from DE and it'll be the first time they'll meet Autumn and her new baby cousin, Madison. They're staying with us and I'm looking forward to catching up with them! YAY!

~A kickass teacher that gives me awesome grades despite my work not being to par.

It was a rough week. I know I have LOTS to be thankful for, but my brain is really too fried to think much more. I hope everyone else had a better week.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

8 months!

Autumn turned 8 months on Saturday. Yes...I'm slacking on my posts. A serious post might arrive in the coming weeks when I find the words to describe the overwhelming amount of work and stress I've been under. Anyway...let's make this a HAPPY post:oD

How they get mobile so very very fast! Autumn, in the matter of practically one week, went from scooting herself on her belly with the strength of her toes pushing her forward, to rocking on her hands and knees, to full on crawling. And it doesn't stop there! She's can also pull herself up onto her knees...and...HER FEET! The girl pulls herself to a standing position! CRAZY!!!! Needless to say, the crib got dropped this weekend. All the way. We cannot have children doing somersaults out of the crib, no no.

I think my favorite thing is just watching her play. I love when she crawls to a toy and then props herself into the sitting position and then just plays with her toy, then moves onto the next. It's so simple and so adorable. She LOVES paper. And plastic. We play the "peekaboo" game with a light blanket that I throw over her head and she pulls it off with big smiles as if to say, "PEEKABOO Mommy! Here I am!" She also has a new game...Daddy puts a foam toy letter in his mouth and blows it out. She thinks this is hysterical and has tried to imitate, but all she can accomplish is a bunch of rasberry sounds with the foam letter hanging from her lips. Highly amusing for all. I might have to get it on video.

We recently went to a consignment sale and got a bunch of new toys...and picture frames, clothes, etc. She has a new walker/ride-on toy for $2. Be jealous;o)

She weighs approx. 17.4 lbs! It was done with a digital scale at home, but I think it was pretty close to accuracy.

She is NOT sleeping through the night. That's all I'll say about that. Hrrumphf!

I still have to do her 8 month pictures. I'm also planning on getting a free collage from Sears with her in her halloween costume. Guess what she's going to be. A MONKEY! Shocker, I know.

So, that's about it. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get from Wordless Wed. pics up:o)