Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Birthing Center Appointment

So on Tuesday I made the big announcement to the world of our pregnancy and mentioned that we had our first appointment at the birthing center, but I didn't go into great detail.

Can I just tell you that I can't take my husband anywhere?! Actually, I think most of the women we saw in the office that day just thought he was hysterical - we certainly won't be forgotten by any of them anytime soon! I wouldn't be surprised if they went home or out for dinner that night and discussed him over drinks. When we walked in he immediately struck up a fun conversation with one receptionist while I got checked in and filled out paperwork. It certainly wasn't quiet like a doctor's office, either. There was another couple there with their newborn and toddler-age little girl who was just talking and playing around, and all the staff were just "chat chat chat." It was nice not to be in a "silent" environment.

The lab technician was funny, too. Very sweet. "T." I like her and look forward to seeing her at our other visits. I've actually gone up a pound or two to about 135-136, but that's still in my normal range, so it's like I've barely gained weight. I think I'll start counting pounds once I hit 140, since that's usually my highest weight in any given year. We got a packet of information and a new book to read and they took our picture together, so they can remember each couple - which I thought was very personal!

Then we were led to an office. I'm not sure if she was one of the midwives or one of the RNs, I wasn't paying attention. She seemed...stiff. I didn't not-like her, but she didn't seem to have a sense of humor like the other; maybe Shawn just overwhelmed her with his fun attitude. She did look at him kind of weird. We'll call her "J." Luckily, we weren't with her our visit; she asked if a student midwife could come in and do the whole appointment, which we agreed to because we're all about helping others out and it wasn't a big deal to us. So, we met "H" and she was COOL! I WISH she actually worked there because I would love it if it were possible she could be at the birth, but alas, she is just a student.

We spent a good 40 minutes going over family history, what's offered at the center, what can be offered thru the hospital down the road, and all the genetic testing that is available to us. I think there was more joking around than work getting done - we must have gone well over our time limit.

Then we got down to the nitty-gritty. They did a breast exam and everything looked normal, which is something I keep a look out for often since breast cancer runs in the family. Then they checked the size of my uterus, which is about the size of a grapefruit - right on schedule for being 12 weeks along. And then we got to hear the heartbeat - the ONLY reason they say anyone ever goes to an appointment:o) They actually told me, "It's still early, so we may not be able to hear it yet with the dopplar." Guess what?! They stuck that thing on me and in 2 seconds flat we heard the baby! That's what I call STRONG! 140bpm and going strong:o)

Shawn was just giggling in his sit while I laid there with an ear to ear grin. So all is well and I'm a happy mommy with a healthy baby and our next appointment is on August 21!

OH - I almost forgot - the boutique across the hall! Can I just tell you that I think men should be offered a baby-product class!!! We walked through the small boutique and Shawn just couldn't keep his hands off stuff - asking what it was, saying "this sounds cool, let's get it!" when it really wasn't something I needed. It was unbelievably adorable and funny! Daddies are so cute!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We're PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For those of you who didn't know before, WELCOME to our baby blog!

Yes, it's true, Shawn & I are having a baby! We are almost 12 weeks along, so almost out of our first trimester, and we had a checkup today. After hearing the heartbeat (140 bpm) and knowing that all is well we feel like the ENTIRE world may know now! Feel free to keep this link for any future updates of our pregnancy and, of course, after the baby is born I will continue to update. Also, feel free to take a look around the blog and catch up on past posts, which give more details of what's been going on thus far. (WARNING: sometimes there is WAY too much information, so be prepared!!!) If you just want the quick rundown - here it is:

January 2009 - starting trying to conceive (TTC)
May 31 - got our big fat positive (BFP)
June 25 - hospital visit due to some minor concerns, first ultrasound (u/s) and hearing the heartbeat
July 28- first birthing center visit, heartbeat via dopplar 140bpm
Aug 21 - next appointment
Feb 10, 2010 - Estimated Due Date (EDD)

We WILL be finding out the gender. We WILL be trying to have a med-free, au natural birth at a birthing center rather than a hospital. Check out the rest of the blog entries for more info:o)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthing Centers ROCK!

So, there's been some paperwork hassle regarding how we're financially going to handle the pregnancy. It really started badly on Thursday and I almost birthed a cow right then and there! But after a phone call to the birthing center on Friday I felt slightly relieved on how we would handle the situation, but still waited anxiously for some phone calls today. I just got off the phone with the financial advisor at the birthing center and she was completely reassuring that all would be well, we'd find a way to take care of everything and I by no means should be thinking of cancelling my appointment for tomorrow afternoon just because of this little bump in the road. I don't think I have ever dealt with people so nice when it comes to financial situations and I am SO thankful for the kind people that will be helping bring my child into this world.

While I am still awaiting another phone call - which will most likely re-irritate me and bring on a massive headache which only yummy cheesecake and firecracker icepops will diminish - I feel much better and in control of the situation.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pregnancy is EFFIN scary! (TMI inside) & a funny

So, I woke up this morning thinking about my first checkup at the birth center on Tuesday. I've been DYING for this day to come, but now that it's almost here I'm starting to worry. I even asked Shawn, "Is the baby still in there? Does it still have a heartbeat?" He, of course, reassured me, yes. But...what happens just a few hours later?!

I'm in the dollar store just grabbing a few items and while I walk from one aisle to another I feel this weird wet, icky feeling...down there. I've had NO spotting for weeks and very little discharge, although this week it's stepped up it's game, and I'm thinking to myself, "If I wasn't pregnant, I would have thought I just got my period. It's the same feeling. This is not good." So, I quickly grab the rest of my items, check out and drive home while trying to force all bad thoughts from my head. I get home, check, and it's just discharge. But seriously, WAS THAT NECESSARY?!

On a lighter note, I forgot to post this a few days ago. Earlier in the week I reminded Shawn that our checkup was coming up and since I'd be almost 12 weeks we should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat with no problem. So he asks, "Will they be able to tell the sex yet?" And I said, "We'll be hearing it with a dopplar honey, not getting an ultrasound - so we won't be seeing anything." His response..."Can you hear penis?" I just about DIED!

Monday, July 20, 2009

And time is passing by...

This Wednesday I'll be 11 weeks and then next wednesday I'll be 12 weeks. 3 months....gone! Technically, I think, 13 weeks is the last week of the first trimester (the whole 40 wks = 9 months thing is totally screwy), but I can't believe how much time has flown by. And yet, a part of me, really wants this to be over NOW! Well, maybe not the whole thing - overall I'm actually doing pretty good and have little to complain about when I hear others horror stories, but I just want to stop feeling icky.

I'm looking forward to more exciting things now - my baby belly (when I actually look pregnant rather than just feeling pregnant), finding out the gender soon, bringing out all the baby furniture and setting up the nursery, etc.

Next week is my next appointment, actually my first appointment at the birthing center and I'm hoping we'll get to hear the heartbeat via dopplar. I'm VERY nervous and anxious about this. There's always that possibility that something has happened between my 7th weeks and now, but considering I sometimes still feel like poo (haha!) I am hoping that means the baby is still doing well:o) Weird way of thinking about it, but it works for me!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

cheeseburger THIS---->

I weigh 133 lbs withmy clothes on! That is in my NORMAL range between 130-140 depending on the season. At the hospital appt 3 weeks ago I was 133.6 - and wearing more clothes. So, I have gained NOTHING.

I may look like I'm getting fat, but I'll be damned if I've put on any pounds.

Now...I'm craving some pizza...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

10 week pic - oh my!

Why, yes, as a matter of fact - I do feel fat! Thanks for asking:oP This is my bathing suit pic...nice, right? Loving that bloat! It was also taken right before noon, so I've already had my morning coffee, a bottle of water, and something small to munch on. And, as usual, I haven't "gone" since Saturday.'s all bloat...RIGHT?!

More than likely I'm realizing I'll probably be like my mom. She was HUGE in her first pregnancy...I've seen like one picture of it, but my Dad swears she was enormous, but only in her belly and no where else. So, I look at that like a good thing.

With my EDD as Feb 10, today puts me at exactly 10 weeks. That means, hopefully, we'd be able to hear the heartbeat with a dopplar on my belly. But we don't have one here at home so I will have to wait until our appointment on July 28. And that's all for now, folks!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The greatest remedy

is a mother's love.

When I was little and had a fever or a stomach bug, that of course on in the middle of the night, I remember that my mom would hear me and call me downstairs. Sheets would get laid on the couch, in case we got sick and made a mess. When we were really little the dining rooms chairs would be put next to the couch, so we wouldn't roll off - although I never remember that actually happening. And a bowl would be placed nearby in couldn't make it to the bathroom. But most of all I remember I would fall asleep with my mother at the other end of the couch, right past my feet, and she would be reading her book. And when I woke up the next day, she would still be there, reading her book. She never went back to bed. She would stay there, in her seat, all night long keeping watch over me. She absolutely hated seeing any of her kids sick.

Parents always joke "just wait til you have kids." And even with my job, before my mom passed away, she had those moments where she could just laugh at me and the wonderful adventures I endured taking care of other people's kids. But pregnancy is NOT one of those moments. It's not "you just wait..." moments where a mom looks at her kids and says "HA! payback!" It's not a funny moment.

It's a terrifying rollercoaster every single day. And on top of that, sometimes it's just uncomfortable and miserable. And I'm finding out fast that the early months really do suck - sure, everyone tells you that, but you don't know until you're there! And I feel bad - I feel lazy, whiny, exhausted, and sometimes moody. And I feel REALLY bad about being like this. But what comforts me, lately, is feeling my mom with me. She's not laughing at me. She knows when I'm scared and when I'm uncomfortable and I just want the discomfort to go away. Moms KNOW when their kids are really sick or faking it. No one can outsmart a mom when it comes to that. So, even if everyone around me were to believe that I was just "faking" all this crap, I at least have the comfort of knowing that my mom is here with me, trying to comfort me. She can't do anything. She never really could. Things just need to come and go as they please. But she's here...everyday when I feel like crap...she's just sitting with me, reading a book or watching me, until I feel better.

And that really helps.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good...actually...the GREAT! We went to visit the birthing center in Chapel Hill on Thursday morning. We are SO happy with our decision to birth there. When we first got there they were already running a video (as usual we were a few minutes late) that was from the 80s or early 90s about birthing centers vs. hospitals. Overall it was a nice video - just the basics of the pros vs cons, though I think it would be in their best interest to get a more recent take on birthing centers, hospitals, statistics, etc. Then we had about a 40 minute discussion - the "tour guide" was actually the lactation consultant (LC) with the birthing center and she was very thorough with the information. Details were discussed about your pre-natal, post-natal and delivery care; setting up a birth plan, what would happen if there was a transfer to the hospital, etc. She answered all questions with confidence and thoroughness. We were both very happy with the statistics she offered in comparison with hospitals. Then we got a brief tour of each birthing room - our favoriate is the "blue room," which we'll be mentioning in our birth plan. Overall, Shawn especially, is feeling much better about our decision to birth at the center rather than a hospital. I felt very secure just being there, which is the exact opposite I feel whenever I have to enter a hospital. We set up our next appointment for the end of July!

The bad...constipation is still my enemy. The end of this week was really bad. I haven't decided if not working was good or bad for me. Since I had off of work this week I just went to class each morning and came home. I would do some housework, but I was no where near as active as I have to be at work. This meant I got lots of rest, which is nice, but resting too much is also a cause for being over-tired. Also, I don't think it helped with the constipation. I think because I WASN'T active it didn't move anything around. Friday was by far the worst day - I felt weak and gross everytime I got out of bed. It was just horrendous.

And then came the ugly...LOL! Way TMI to if you don't want to be grossed out STOP reading. What is worse? Having a horrible tummy ache because your intestines are full of crap? Or...when your tummy decides to release all that crap? I haven't figured this one out yet. They both have their down sides, that's for sure. Apparently a lot of apple juice and baked beans yesterday worked their wonders on my belly, so I'm feeling less "full" but my ass also feels like it's on fire (stop laughing Jessi). Oh, AND we're having guests over this afternoon - should make for an interesting day.

Overall I'm just glad I'm feeling a little better and that I was able to move around and get some housework done. Shawn has been an AMAZINGLY patient husband. I feel extremely lazy when I'm feeling ill and he doesn't mind the mess that piles up. Also, he's been helping out with some cooking and cleaning when he can, so it makes my life easier. He doesn't mind that I rest so often and he knows when I'm really feeling like crap that I just need to be resting and miserable. I love him so much and he's really being a great Daddy already!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009


I've done very little today, but I'm absolutely exhausted. I'm sure today's exhaustion is just a result of last night: hubby finally came home from a 2 week work-related trip to NJ at 1:30AM! And then, since it's been a full week since I've seen him or slept with anyone in the bed, I had the hardest time falling back asleep and then staying asleep. Apparently I don't make that adjustment well...oh...and that leads to REALLY weird dreams. So, lack of sleep + 8am class = tired girl:o( Luckily I have off of work this week, so I get to be lazy and lounge.

I've actually cleaned up the kitchen, been working on a venison stew, and currently have brownies in the oven. I do have some homework to do for tomorrow's class, but I'm thinking that will come after nap & a shower later this afternoon.

::BIG YAWN:: soon as these brownies are done I'm snoozing away!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Getting better...

So I think I'm starting to feel better. I'm still getting a little lightheaded but I know it's because I've been home alone while my husband finishes work in NJ, so I haven't been eating the right way:o/ My stomach ache/nausea comes and seems that I need to eat every 2 hours...2.5 hrs is really pushing it before I start to feel really sick. I haven't gotten I feel blessed. It's just a matter of keeping my nausea under control. As far as constipation goes - a spoonful of brown sugar & a glass of cold water WORKS. Although it tastes nasty. And it doesn't produce a lot - just a normal bowel movement. I went once yesterday, about an hour after trying the remedy, and it worked. I'll probably wait to see if I can go again on my own before trying it again - because it really is just nasty.

So, that's the stomach issues. Other pg side effects...I'm absolutely exhausted. I've been in bed by 10am almost every night this week, I sleep the entire night through til about 630-7am and even then I just want to go back to sleep. I also try to catch a 45 catnap/resting period in the afternoon while the munchkin sleeps (remember...I'm a nanny).

My boss was kind enough to lend me a jean skort and a pair of khaki shorts that fit comfortably. That is in addition to my 3 pairs of comfy gym shorts that I can wear, so my summer wardrobe is taken care of for the next few months before I have to start buying maternity.

That's all for now. Maybe this weekend I'll do a belly/bloat pic:o)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What's Been Tried...

Let's check the list out, shall we?

  • Fiber One bars (peanut butter & oats flavor)
  • Fiber cereal (mini-wheats)
  • tons of water
  • hot water w/ lemon juice (although now i'm reading it's supposed to be lime and salt)
  • swimming - usually this helps me along and it didn't yesterday
  • a spoonful of light brown sugar w/ a glass of water (although it might have to be dark brown sugar...and for the tastes NASTY!)...I just took this, so we'll see how it goes


  • last Fri afternoon I took a generic brand of ex-lax, which helped by that evening, but not nearly as much as I had hoped.
  • Sat I took a dose of milk of magnesia b/c it's supposed to be gentler on your stomach than laxatives and I read on a few websites that it's okay to take when your pregnant, just not for a long period of time

Basically, I'm trying NOT to take over-the-counter stuff because 1) it's not the best idea during pregnancy and 2) i really want my body to figure it out on it's own, so now I'm on the search for all sorts of home remedies. I haven't pooped since about 9am on Sunday morning...72+ hrs and counting.

Lord, HELP ME!