Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just because...random pics

I'm feeling good today - the baby's moving and I look cute while rockin my "bump" so I thought I'd post a "I'm feeling good picture" today:o) Enjoy!

A Mover & A Shaker!

At 20 weeks and 5 days our baby girl finally put her mommy's mind at ease by KICKING! YAY! While I was sitting down studying miserably for an exam I have Wednesday morning I felt this "bubble" in my belly. I though, "hm...that was weird." Now I've been very conscious of my belly since I've been dying to feel movement, so I am well aware of what constitutes as gas or digestion, etc. After another minute or two of constant little "budges" on my hand I realized that was ACTUAL KICKING. I was SO happy! Shawn tried to feel, but I think my re-positioning made her go away. I felt a little more after going back to studying and then, right after he feel sleep with his hand on my belly, she came back to let her daddy know that "yes, I'm here...Mommy's not losing her mind."

Today I think I spent most of my class time in la-la land trying to feel her, but she was unresponsive to my poking:o( But, after finishing my exam review sheet, she has come alive!!! Ladies and gentlemen - my baby is a mover and a shaker. None of that "here today, but gone for the next 3 weeks movement" - she is here to stay! Her favorite spots thus far are right at my belly button and my right side.

Can I just emphasize how funny and awesome this feels? Sometimes she catches me by surprise and I giggle because it doesn't tickle, but it does feel weird and funny. And then, today, she was actually kicking hard enough on my right side for me to see my belly move, which made me teary eyed!!!

I'm having a baby - I've known this for awhile. But now I don't have to wait until mid-October to check on her. I can feel her and I can see her activity just by pulling up my shirt a wee-bit and I know she's saying "Hey, Mommy & Daddy! I'm just partying away down here!" God...this is total awesomeness!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

20 week update & belly pic!!!!

Baby girl...we are half way there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe how fast half this pregnancy has gone. I remember every single moment of the day that we found out we were pregnant. A part of me is glad that I have been so busy that it has made the time just fly by. But I am also disappointed - this is just the first thing of many things to come that will fly by. Time will go by so fast and before I know it our little girl will no longer be a baby, but all grown up. No matter how often we are told by our parents, we truly do not understand the meaning of "Time flies, enjoy it while you can" until we become parents.

So, how am I feeling? Overall, pretty awesome. No, I cannot feel baby's movement. Turns out I have an anterior placenta, meaning that the placenta is in the front. Basically, the baby's kicking a "pillow" that's prohibiting me from feeling her movement - as I grow the placenta will move into a better position and soon enough I'll be feeling the loving jabs and kicks from our daughter. The middle of my back gets more sore during times when I'm busy with housework or typing on the computer (yes, it's bothering me this very moment), but I think that has to do with overall poor posture and now my body's letting me know it's something I should be working on. I have a bump, not a huge one, but it's there and something no one ever told me about - the MOST uncomfortable thing in the world is this "fat roll" between the under side of my boobs and the top of my baby bump. It kinda gets squished and somewhat digs into my ribs. It's hard to describe, but very uncomfortable, trust me!

No swelling. Anywhere. Feet, ankles, calves, fingers, etc...all doing fine. My face more often than I'd like looks like a 13 yr old going through puberty. Some days I come to terms with it...sometimes it's very disheartening. I'm still between regular clothes and maternity clothes. I'm sticking with non-maternity pants for the most part, but I'm starting to move towards maternity shirts now, too. I cannot wait for the Fall weather to arrive because Ann gave me some great clothes that I'm dying to wear when the cool weather starts.

What else...what else...school is busy, but not making me overstressed. I've decided to take the spring semester off and start back in the summer or the fall. Work is going really well - the kids are are excited about the baby, but it has yet to prohibit me from any of our usual activities.

So...that's that. I THINK we've come up with a name, but not sure if Shawn wants me to share it with the whole world yet. Oh, the baby furniture is in the room - YAY! I love it - I'm so happy! I must be e-mailing my former employer's for their generous offer to us many years ago to give us the furniture for free. It's a beautiful white set and now we're just in the debate of how to decorate the room.

Enough blabbing...here are the pics. I'm rockin Ann's "NC State" maternity shirt - VERY comfy. My ass really hasn't grown, if it looks huge it's because I'm wearing big comfy pants. I swear!

Monday, September 14, 2009

18-19wk update @ Birth Center

Everything is great!

Weight ~ 143 lbs, meaning I've gained a total of 10 pounds in almost 19 weeks of pregnancy

Heartbeat ~ in the 140s

Misc ~ around 20 weeks my uterus growth should be reaching my belly button and it's just about there, so that's a good thing; the twinges of pain I've been feeling is just my body stretching - the pain can be eased by making sure I stretch more often, tylenol, and cold/hot compresses; all bloodwork came back normal, but I need to make sure my iron levels stay up, so I'll be working on my diet in order to prevent the need for supplements

I forgot who I met with today - isn't that awful? It was 830 in the morning and I just couldn't remember her name:o/ So I called the Birth Center & asked. We shall call her "K." Original, right? She was more "doctorly" than the other midwives I've met. Young - maybe mid-30s, very sweet, but had a more serious side. I have no good or bad feeling about her. I feel confident that I wouldn't mind her being our midwife when I go into labor, but I think "A" is still my favorite thus far. Shawn couldn't make this visit, but I think he'd prefer "A" too since he seemed to have good conversation with her and "K" is more cut & dry.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pre-Nesting & Feeling Blessed

As OCD as I am, this pre-nesting was NOT my idea! Actually, Shawn decided since he was home this week to start cleaning out the porch closet that was intensely packed full of stuff. The result thus far: just about everything is out of the closet, several garbage bags have been filled, some new storage crates have emerged and the porch is "organized" into areas that only he can possibly decipher. I am so glad he's taken the initiative to get it done, especially because his reasoning behind it all is to make more room for all of the stuff we will acquire when our baby girl comes along. What a thoughtful Daddy! Along with the porch we also tackled some of the kitchen today. The fridge & freezer have been cleaned inside and out, old stuff have been tossed and room has been made for all the venison he is hoping to add this hunting season!!! I cleaned the outside of the dishwasher and most of the bottom cabinets. I also finally got around to hitting the "self clean" button on the oven. You would think since it's just a button and I haven't used the stove in a week anyway that it wouldn't require that much effort to get it done, BUT my brain has been elsewhere when I'm home and I only think of it when I'm out of the house. So...it's finally getting done.

As for feeling blessed...our house is being FILLED with baby stuff. Already the office has an entire corner that is slowly creeping toward the center of the room with baby stuff. And now the living room is home to a Graco swing, from neighbor's and good friends down the street, and a practically brand new Evenflo Aura stroller, from the same friends' mother. And she doesn't even KNOW us that well (yea, I know, thank you card MUST be written!). Seriously, we have such giving friends and family. We've acquired or have been offered so much stuff that I feel so blessed to know so many wonderful people. Thank you to everyone who has offered to help us in so many ways! We appreciate everything you do for us and we are so grateful!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


<------------- Spine

Facing us:o)

HI MOMMY & DADDY! ----->

Little feet!!! (heels are up in the air, one set of toes are down right)

Cute butt! Looking up at her butt...and her two legs...and NOTHING in the middle...it's a GIRL!

18 weeks & a belly pic!

So, how are things going? REALLY WELL!!! School, work, bowling and a household of chores sounds entirely overwhelming...and it is...but I wouldn't have it any other way. This pregnancy is just rolling along so fast - in less than 2 weeks I'll be halfway done! I got batshitcrazy when I don't have anything to do and keeping busy keeps me sane...really:o) Ok, maybe not sane, but less insane. I keep active and I swear that it's my brain's awesome ability to work at turbo speed that keeps the rest of me looking in shape!

My belly continues to grow. I think I might be pushing 140-142 nowadays, which would be around the 7-9lb gain in total, but I'm not sure. I have a dr's appt next Monday morning, so we'll find out then. We have been eating out a lot the past few weeks and I certainly do love my ice cream, so I'm sure I've packed on some pounds.

For those who are curious, NO, I have not felt the baby move. At least not concrete movement. Once in awhile I get a gas pain, which could be baby, but it's not definite enough for it to count. I DO still get sharp paisn occasionally in the very low abdomen, especially when I sneeze. This still worried me for a long time, but it makes total sense now. I know the baby is perfectly well and good and my whole uterus looked awesome on the ultrasound, but the baby was SO LOW that if she's in a position when I sneeze or move a certian way I think it's her kicking me or moving in that area that causes me the few seconds of pain. It's really no longer a big concern since I know all is well - now it's just an annoyance that I think she enjoys!

No names, either. Her middle name will be Dawn, after my mother. We have a few "maybes" but I don't think we're sharing them with the entire world until we settle on something.

What else...oh, tonight we went to Babies R Us (BRU) just to look around and get some ideas. It was fun - not overly exciting, but it was good for us to just have a nice calm look around and talk out some thoughts before we go buying things or registering for things.

Here are some belly pics - they're actully from last week (17weeks) but they'll have to do for now. I really wish I had taken a picture of last weekend when we went out - it was teh first time I'd gone out on a weekend and dressed up all pretty. Ah...I guess there will be other moments.

Seriously, this is a bad picture. I look huge. In reality, some people still don't know I'm pregnant or tell me I don't look pregnant. I think I had just eaten dinner...maybe...I dunno.

Somewhat more normal looking, lol!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We're having a baby GIRL! Holy cow! I was completely in shock - my brain has convinced me otherwise. Nonetheless, I did cry tears of joy just to know that I have a little girl hanging out in my belly. Shawn's response was unsurprising, "Oh shit." Sarcastic (somewhat), but he says that deep down he knew it was going to be a girl.

Rest assured - there are NO signs of a boy; when I get the u/s pictures scanned I will put them up and you can see for yourself.

Overall, the baby is weighing 9oz. Measuring 5 days ahead of schedule (18wks5days). Placenta, umbilical cord, blood flow, fluids, growth measurements, etc all look AWESOME. Heart rate was 151bpm.

My intuition was wrong. Turns out the Chinese Gender Chart and the heart rate old wive's tale were correct!!!! Pics to come, soon!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What we want...

Since we're finding out the gender next week the only question we hear is, " What do you want?" The proper answer, of course, is "As long as we have a healthy baby that is all that matters." And this is absolutely true. But gender wise, we can both admit we want a boy first. This comes for many reasons - some of which are easier understood than others.

For the most part, Shawn, we believe, is the last male on his side left to carry on his last name. This would just be a natural and wonderful thing to happen for his family.

For me, I've taken care of both boys and girls in my many years of children and while each child is different and while each gender is fantastic in their own way - I have always found boys to be easier than girls. This could come from the fact that I've actually taken care of (one-on-one) more boys than girls (and lord knows I LOVE my munchkin girl now!!!!), but it's just something that has always come more natural for me and I think it would be easier first time around.

But there's another reason that I haven't spoken aloud because it would probably just be too hard to explain - emotionally. I think there is a special bond in every parent-child relationship. But I also believe there are special bonds between father-son relationships and mother-daughter relationships. They are circles that go around and around - from parent to child and then the child becomes the parent, etc. Shawn & I have both had these special circles broken. Him with his father quite some time ago and me with my mother just recently. Part of me really wants to have a boy so that I can put him back into that "circle." He deserves to enjoy Father's Day again - which he most certianly will given whatever gender we have. But I think he deserves to feel that special father-son connection that he hasn't physically had in quite some time. Along those same lines...it's why I don't want a girl first. I don't want to get thrown back into that circle just yet. It sounds mean and might not make any sense, but I am just not ready to be a mom and raise a little girl without my mom being here. Shawn has dealt with loss longer than I have and by no means do I think it makes it easier to deal with, but I know he's stronger than I am.

Does this mean I'm going to get what I want? I guess we'll find out. God knows how I feel. It's up to Him to really decide what we're having. I know whatever gender child he gives us will be what we are supposed to have and, as I already do now....as we already do now, we will love our little baby immensely:o)

Dear Baby....

Mommy's bladder is NOT a trampoline. I think it's bad that I was having dreams about having to pee only to wake up at 4am and realize that I REALLY needed to pee. Not cool baby, not cool.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pregnancy Weight

So I've been doing research on this because I do think it's important. It's on the mind of every preggo woman out there - am I gaining too much weight? Not enough? Am I gaining it too fast, in which case I need to slow down? Am I not gaining it fast enough? ETC.

According to this site: http://www.webmd.com/baby/news/20090528/pregnancy-weight-gain-new-guidelines and my BMI pre-pregnancy (http://www.webmd.com/diet/calc-bmi-plus): I am a woman of normal weight and I should gain anywhere between 25-35 lbs.

I also read someone where during the first trimester (up to 13 weeks) a normal weight person should gain anywhere from 3-5lbs and then approx 1lb/week...making that range 30-32lbs.

At 15 1/2 weeks I had gained approx 5.5 lbs. I have no idea what my weight is at right now because we don't keep a scale at home, but I feel like I'm going to be able to stay in my healthy zone. My guilty pleasure is fast food, which I must avoid, or at least try to eat more salads and less burgers from those places. And I need to remember to incorporate more fruits & veggies ( I do love my carbs!!!)

Overall, I think it's important that EVERYONE (not just us preggos) realize that everyone's body starts out different and that will completely determine how you will gain weight and how much you will gain overall. I despise people who suggest that pregnant women have gained too much or too little weight and DONT take into consideration their natural body, metabolism, etc. As long as your doctor/midwife says that you're doing well and you seem to be within the recommended guidelines, everyone else should just shush:o)

Maternity Shopping = Tears

I spent 2 hours last night, at 4 stores - Kohls, Target, Old Navy, Ross - shopping for maternity pants and by the end of the night I was in tears.

Confession: I'm almost 25 and pre-pregnancy I shopped in Juniors. I wore a jean size of 9. My size 11s were when I was going thru my "big" phase and now they fit me wonderfully. I don't go wearing skirts up to my ass or short shorts that show practically everything, but Junior Jeans fit my butt, my hips, my thighs and everything else on my lower half just right. I can't shop in the misses/womens dept because their pants just don't look right on me!

So, anyway, despite the fact that I have two pairs of size 11 (jr) jeans that fit me ok, their both skinny jeans and I want some boot cut jeans and other pants are just a necessity. And, of course, I know I shouldn't just go and buy pants "bigger" - I SHOULD be buying maternity.

Problem: Apparently, when your belly grows...your butt, your thighs, and your hips are supposed to grow too. And mine are not. So maternity jeans and pants fit me around the belly, but look baggy everywhere else. It was HORRIBLE. You would think I would be thankful. NO ONE understood last night when I told them what happened...I mean, it's supposed to be GREAT that nothing else is getting big on me except my belly. But WHAT THE HELL am I supposed to wear?!

If maternity clothes don't fit me the right way...or at least not for right now....do I just shop for bigger regular size clothes? Or is that stupid? But I HATE the way maternity pants fit on me. And I REFUSE to be a t-shirt wearing, yoga-pants wearing throughout my entire pregnancy...oh no, sir, I will look cute and feel happy and I will figure out a way to win this clothing battle.

So, yea. I was in tears last ngiht by 8pm when I left the last store because maternity pants don't fit me right and I felt like my body wasn't doing the "pregnancy" thing right. It was awful and I felt so annoyed and sad.