Tuesday, November 24, 2009

While I slumber...

I woke up this morning around 4am, 5am, and then 6am when the alarm went off. Each time, I rolled over, snuggled into the pillow and felt Autumn happily moving around in there. It made me smile. She has no idea it's nighttime. I really shouldn't have been surprised - her favorite time to be active is when I'm resting. But it just hit me - as I'm sleeping and catching up on my rest, she just swims around and continues to do her growing thing. That's so cool! When I wake up in the morning and feel like my belly is just a little bit bigger, it's because it is! Because while I slumber, God is working a miracle inside my belly that we'll never fully comprehend the "hows" and "whys" of.

Some people only get to sleep and dream at night. Preggos are making dreams come true!

Monday, November 23, 2009

When a man ain't around...

Things can still be accomplished. Are they installed correctly? No. Will they ever tumble out and bonk Autumn on the head? Unlikely. Do they look nicer than a closet full of crap? YES! Therefore, it's awesomeness all around!!!

As of last week they weren't even completely painted. One still only has one coat, but I'm lazy, I can't tell the difference, and it's good enough to make me smile - so we'll call it "done." I need a nail gun to install the handles and I don't know where hubby's is, so it'll have to wait til he gets home. I know there will probably be some criticism because it isn't perfect, but it's the first time this closet has had doors since we moved in - 3 years ago! So...I don't care what anyone says. I'm happy!!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Car safety

Link to story HERE

1 - yes, I'm bias. I have a Toyota & I love it. It's an older model, so I admit I know nothing about 2010 models, but I've had Toyotas for most of my driving life and love them.

2 - I do believe Toyota should have paid attention and gone ahead and "flagged" which cars they wanted tested if they were told ahead of time that not every car would get tested

BUT I do have some issues with this system:

1 - if ever car is NOT tested, then there very well could be cars out there that are safer than the ones listed, but no one would know otherwise because they didn't have the "time" to test them

2 - the reason they have a time constraint this year was because of the ONE new safety test (roof strength) that they added. If ONE test is going to put you on a time constraint, either don't add it until you have enough time to make sure all models can be tested OR hire more people (it'll be good for the economy) to get the job done on time and test all the vehicles

3 - the new test is for roof strength and surprisingly a boat-load of SUVs made the list. I'm not saying regular cars don't flip over and shouldn't have decent roof strength, BUT SUVs have more of a tendency to flip over - their center of balance is way different than a regular mid-size or compact car - so I would expect them to be made differently in regards to roof strength. I think the test is a little biased towards SUVs.

But that's just my opinion. For now, Autumn and I are sticking with our Toyota.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

28 week update!!!

Like I said yesterday, we're going to stick with the Birth Center's scale. It's not digital, it's the "old fashioned" slider scales that the midwives say is actually more accurate - digital scales can change everytime you get on one! So, here's the updated info on Autumn & Mommy!

Weight - 152 lbs; up 4 lbs from the last visit - up total 19 lbs!
HB - 150s - healthy & strong
Position - she's working her way to being head down or may be there already. We'll find out at our u/s on Saturday.
Movement - constant, which is a wonderful thing!
Belly Measurement - exactly on time! 28 cms = 28 weeks!!!

We met "M" today. Oh yea, Shawn didn't have work, so he was able to come with me, which was great since he had to miss the last two appointments. So..."M"...we've heard a TON of good things about her and sure enough, she's awesome. Our favorite thus far!!! She's actually from the same area as we are - she's NY, we're NJ - so there's a bond there. She got along with Shawn GREAT! She's funny, easy going, and you can tell she just has a passion for her job.

Oh, iron levels are a little low, as suspected. I'll have to work on the diet. And that's about it!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nutritionist Visit

Today we met with a nutritionist. Fabulous. Boring, really. They pricked my finger to check my iron. It was 10.8. As far along as I am I should be at least 11. I've always had low iron - thanks to mom's genes - so I'm sure the birth center will have something to say about that if my levels are low tomorrow, too. Weight, according to their scale, was 154 lbs. That puts me up 6 lbs from my last visit at the birth center. 21 lbs total. Although I'm still on target and doing VERY well, I think they're scale is a little wrong. I'm not updating the "weight gain" status until after tomorrow's birth center visit. Maybe even my iron levels were low because I forgot to eat this morning. Tomorrow I will remember to have breakfast. A good iron-filled breakfast.

Tomorrow is my GD test. Again, fabulous. I'll leave class early to make it to the appointment on time. They were nice enough to give me the drink ahead of time, so I'll drink it before I leave & have my blood drawn exactly 1 hr later at the center. I'm really not worried about the test, but I'm making thoughtful decisions on my eating today. I had sugar & milk in my coffee today (a no-no tomorrow), but I won't have milk or juice for the rest of the day. I'll drink water - which I haven't been doing lately & this has resulted in some very uncomfortable leg cramps at night. Also, no candy bars today, which has been a habit since Halloween with the kids trick or treat bags have just been hanging around. No super sugary cereal.

I'll probably have eggs and toast for dinner (good for iron too) & maybe some venison stew.

And meanwhile I'm search Craigslist & Etsy for CD deals, thinking about how Autumn's window treatments will be & trying to work on school stuff. Fun fun. Always fun.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do I have permission to faint?

We have hit the single digit mark in the "countdown to full term" timeline. I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow, meaning I have 9 weeks until I am full term & come hell or high water, if the baby decides it's time, no one is going to stop her. Crap.

My list of to-dos is so extensive and in the meantime I'm still finishing up the last few weeks of school. I may very well lose my mind. What do I have to do?

~Strip all the used CDs (cloth diapers) I have so I'm starting "fresh"
~Finish buying more CDs & accessories to make sure I can CD
~Paint one more coat on the nursery closet doors & get Shawn to install them
~Start making frozen meals...WHERE I will put them with no room in a freezer full of venison I haven't figured out yet
~Get on the ball with the shower, invites, etc...which I wish was sooner than planned because I WANT STUFF so I can actually do something in Autumn's room rather than just look at white untouched furniture & walls

What have I done? Not enough. I've organized & put away some clothes that I received from a friend. And I found a few bins from Walmart that I will use at the changing table. I have yet to find red curtains that I like:o(

And that's about it:o/ There just isn't enough time...ugh!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pregnancy Lesson

NEVER (let's emphasize the NEVER) attempt to measure your belly like they do at the doctor's office/birth center...with dental floss...and then measure it with an inch-ruler...and then go to the computer to do the conversion. Only two things can happen. Both are not good.

1 - the conversion could estimate that "x" amount of centimeters is WAY less than how many weeks you are along. this might then put you into a panic as to why your baby isn't growing. and the only thing you can do is WAIT until your next appointment...wait and freak out the entire time you're waiting.

2 - the conversion could estimate that "x" amount of centimeteres is WAY MORE than how many weeks you are along. Ya know....like...you're approximately 12-13inches which measures anywhere from 30-33 centimeters...which is 30-33 WEEKS and you're ONLY 27weeks & 4 days. And now you're wondering just how freakin big the baby is, could the due date be completely off, and how freakin early is this baby going to be?!?!

Can you tell which issue I have? LOL! Now, the logical part of my brain that rarely exists these days, is telling me that obviously AT-HOME BELLY MEASURING IS NOT A GOOD IDEA! I obviously did not do something right because MAYBE I might measure 2 weeks ahead (approx 30) but no way can I can be measuring at 33 weeks. That's just freaking crazy. Impossible. Ain't happening, got it? Luckily, our next appointment is on Thursday, so I don't have to wait long before I get a better idea of how far along I am.

Genius pregnant woman idea. Let's measure ourselves at home. Freakin genius.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Autumn - today you had your "first" taste of venison. Daddy & I are hoping that you enjoy venison because, like it or not, it will be a staple food in our household as long as you live. However, I am REALLY hoping you like it prior to you eating it first-hand...because if you dont...Mommy's tummy is not going to be happy!

Just FYI, if you've never had venison, or you're curious as to it's nutritional value, I found this: venison has LOTS of protein, which is important for when you're growing a baby inside of you & also lots of Vitamin B & iron.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lookin cute!

I love NC! Why? Because it's November 8, officially fall season, and it's 70+ degrees outside, a beautiful day, and I can rock a spring dress! How awesome is that?! This was a dress a friend, Heather, brought over to me from her employer. It's VERY comfortable and I figure I should go ahead and wear it today because next spring I won't be preggo anymore! Hey - if the weather is nice enough - who says you can't wear a sundress in November, right?! The back is actually a little big for me because, despite some chest growth, it's still not enough to hold up a dress properly. I think this will be an eternal flaw (not even cured by pregnancy...so sad) :o(

In other news, I had a great time at a friend's baby shower yesterday and now I'm so excited for mine. I know it's months away, but I'm just ready for it. I want to be done with school. I want to be in mommy & baby mood and thoroughly enjoy it all before Autumn arrives.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fender Bender:o(


Mommy has such a scare today! But you hung in there and didn't waste any time letting mommy know that the "roller coaster" ride was nothing but another exciting adventure in our lives together! I love you, I love you, I love you! Thank you for being such a good little girl!!!

~ Love your blessed Mommy

I'm kinda glad the blog is back to being "private" where only those who venture to the link will actually read. I'm sure I'd get a bunch of posts (though sweet and caring) would only make me reel back in time to my emotional state this morning and I'd eventually have a breakdown of tears. Approximately 11:15 am we got into a fender bender. Looking at the car you would think I barely tapped a shopping cart! However, at 30-40mph, someone pulling out in front of you from a side street, you slamming on your brakes and skidding a good 20+ feet and then "thump" - as a first time parent, I would hope you might panic, too. I wouldn't say I panicked. I was VERY shaky as I yelled at the poor girl "What the hell is wrong with you?" and then "I'm freakin 26 weeks pregnant!" Like SHE was supposed to know that. I think my subconscious just wanted to make her feel more lousy. Though I did not curse or yell frantically or start to cry. Shaking from head to toe I sat in the car and called my hubby. A police officer just driving by stopped immediately, so there was NO wait on the part of the police. I called the birth center and was advised to either be seen by them or by a hospital, just for reassurance, though they were 99% I was fine. The air bag did not deploy and I didn't remember hitting my belly on the steering wheel. Seatbelt was firmly on! The girl apologized - as did I for my rude behavior - and like I said hardly any damage! She has insurance - they'll take care of it.

Paperwork took forever b/c the cop was actully a task-force dude who was on his way back to the office and didn't have his laptop, so everything was being done the old fashioned way - by HAND! I was able to drive home after having plenty of time to calm down, Shawn was home today from work so he drove us to WakeMed. I was immediately sent up to L&D. We monitored Autumn's heartbeat, which was steady and wonderful and just made sure I wasn't having contractions. All was well and since it wasn't high impact & the belly didn't get hit they didn't need to monitor me for 4 hours. We were out of there by 3, just about a 2 hr visit. I went to work and hung out with my kiddos and made some homemade pizza. Shopped for a baby shower tomorrow (gifts for her, news shoes & a shirt to match a skirt I have for me). Now I'm home.

I will shower. I will relax. I might finally shed a few tears just b/c I've kept myself calm for this entire time and my hormones need some kind of outlet. But I'm fine. I'm so fine now that I know my baby girl is ok. I have such an awesome husband who kept me cool and reassured me that she would be ok. I have great friends who I can turn to for help when I need it. I'm so blessed in life and today reminded me of all of it.